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Brand: VS Model: 5205009531769
Adaptor Schuko into Schuko Power Socket RMD1-01/01 with Surge Protection White. 250V/16A/3500W..
Brand: VS Model: 5205009518579
Power Adaptor Socket GAC0102 to 2 Schuko White..
Brand: VS Model: 5205009518593
Power Adaptor Socket GAC0102A with 2 Schuko White. 250V/16A/3500W..
Brand: VS Model: 5205009555796
Power Strip GAC0103 with 3 Schuko with a On/Off (250V-16A)..
Brand: VS Model: 5205009531752
Power Strip VK GS31B03K/AN with 3 Anthracite Schuko, On/Off Button and 1 m. Cable (250V-16A 3500W). AC: 250V~50Hz/IP20. Dimensions: 21x6cm..
Brand: VS Model: 8007403115029
The GK 808 CIRCUIT generation hair clipper set consists of titanium coated blades for greater precision, corrosion resistance, long life and easily removable for a thorough cleaning. Of the two blades provided, the extra large blade is for haircuts The various comb spacers provided allow 33 cutting ..
Brand: VS Model: 631390543282
USB Webcam PC Cam 2 MP Black with built-in Microphone. Maximum resolution: 1920x1080, Video Resolution: 1920x1080 30fps, manual focus, cable length 200cm. Compatible with Windows 10/8/7, macOS 10.6, Android v5.5 and newer..
Brand: VS Model: 29378
Full HD 720p video calling (up to 1280x720 pixels) with the latest version of skype, Full HD 720p video recording (up to 1280x720 pixels),Built-in Noise Isolating Microphone,Automatic low Light correction,Plug and play, Hi Speed Usb 2.0,Tripod-ready universal clips fits laptops and LCD monitors..
Brand: VS Model: 5903933027005
USB Webcam W11 Full HD 1920x1080 Black with Built-in Microphone with USB Cable 150cm. Video recording in full 1920 x 1080.Colored color Isolation noise microphone and recording 20 frames per second. Connectivity: USB 2.0..
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